September 22, 2017

Harry Potter Tag

I came across the Harry Potter tag while scrolling through Twitter. I'm a huge HP fan so I have to do this tag!

1. What house are you in?
Ravenclaw! This was the house I was first sorted into when I was doing an online quiz and then I did the original Pottermore quiz and I was still Ravenclaw. Then there was the new Pottermore quiz and I was still Ravenclaw! So I'm a true Ravenclaw!

2. What is your patronus?
I wish it was a panda because it's my favourite animal, but I'm a Bay Mare.

3. What is your wand?
Pottermore has given me a 101/2 inch English Oak wood and Unicorn hair core with quite bendy flexibility.

4. What would your boggart be?
Probably spiders because I'm so afraid of them.

5. What position would you play in Quidditch?
To be honest, I would probably be in the crowd screaming for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team!

6. Would you be a pure blood, half blood or muggle born?
Probably half blood because a lot of wizards are a half blood or a muggle born these days.

7. What job would you want after to have after graduating Hogwarts?
I think I would want to be a teacher so I could stay at Hogwarts!

8. Which of the deathly hallows would you choose?
The invisibility cloak for sure! Then I can scare people or it would be handy when I would want to be alone for a while.

9. Favourite book?
Such a difficult choice. I can't choose one, I love them all!

10. Least favourite book?
Like I mentioned above, I can't pick one. I love them all!

11. Favourite film?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I loved seeing the final battle and the fast forward to all their kids going to Hogwarts!

12. Least favourite film?
None, I love all of them equally except I loved Deathly Hallows Part 2 a little more because of certain scenes.

13. Favourite character?
Is it stupid to say that I love Harry Potter the most? I know everything is all about him but I don't know, most of the time I always love the main character. Sorry 😇

14. Least favourite/most hated character?
Umbridge for sure!!!!!!!

15. Favourite teacher at Hogwarts?
Professor Snape! He can be a dick, but deep down he's so much more!

16. Least favourite teacher at Hogwarts?
No idea. I don't always think about the teachers to be honest. Oops!

17. Do you have any unpopular opinions about the series?

18. If you could save one character from the finale battle who would you save?
I know everyone will pick Fred Weasley, and I know it's something tragic, but I want to go for Professor Snape. He was such a good man and we all realised it at the end...

I hope that you guys like the Harry Potter Tag and feel free to do it yourself! ⚡

September 20, 2017

Nyx Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights | Review

Brand: Nyx
Product: Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights
Price: €18.80
Rating: ★★★★★


I wanted to buy this palette for such a long time because I like to play with bright eyeshadows. The Ultimate Palette comes with 16 beautiful shades. I’ll swatch them all and let you know what I think of this palette!
I really like the formula of these eyeshadows. They’re really pigmented and there are a lot of different colours. You have matt shadows and shimmer shadows. The shades are really pigmented, so I think it’s kinda obvious that there’s a lot of fallout. I don’t really mind because I can just blow it away, but I know that there are a lot of people that hate it. (On the picture: I swirled 3 times with my brush in the pan.)
I really really like this eyeshadow palette and I can say that this is one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes that I own. I’ve created a lot of looks with this palette: ACOWAR inspired make-up look, Starswept inspired make-up lookThrone of Glass Dutch editions inspired make-up look and in some Halloween looks that are coming in October! Make sure to check these make-up looks out and let me know which one is your favourite! I really recommend this eyeshadow palette. It’s cheap and really pigmented. I hope that you guys love this palette as much as I do and If you’ve used it let me know what you think!

September 18, 2017

The Temptation of Adam | Review

Title: The Temptation of Adam
Author: Dave Connis
Pages: 237 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Release date: 7th November 2017
Rating: ★★★★★


This book was provided by the Publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Netgalley and Sky Pony Press!

"I, Adam Hawthrone, am a hub fineness and solidity."

But is he? The Temptation of Adam tells the story of Adam who’s addicted to porn. His mother and sister left him and his father rather reads Nicholas Sparks than talk to him. But one day he’s caught and is suspended from school. He must go to his chemistry teacher, Mr. Cratcher, and go to addiction meetings. He has a hard time believing that he’s addicted and to make him even feel worse: his sister is visiting him out of the blue and he’s falling in love with a girl he met at an addiction meeting…

"Something about her wry honesty hits me perfectly. The way she talks about her flaws. The borderline irrationally snaps at perceived slights. Her strength. This girl is poetry I’ve never heard before."

The Temptation of Adam tells the story of a bunch of teenagers who all have an addiction. The main character is Adam who doesn’t believe that he has a porn addiction. He’s forced to go to his teacher, to help him with his album, and to addiction meetings and that’s where he meets Dez. They both start to discover more about themselves and their addictions. They’re also falling in love, but don’t really want to because they think it’ll become another addiction. Besides their love troubles, Mr. Cratcher is dying of cancer so Adam and his addiction friends are trying to finish the album that Mr. Cratcher started years ago.

"We’re all born into chaos, and I don’t think it ever goes away. We just get better at learning how to find beauty in it."

The Temptation of Adam is such an eye-opener. You get to learn a lot about addictions and about people who suffer. The Temptation of Adam was a beautiful book, but also sad and depressing. I struggle with my own mental health so sometimes it was hard for me to continue reading. While reading the book, I felt sad, lonely and I cried so keep in mind that this book will give you all the feels! But I also felt happy and content. This book had so many hard truths but also so many beautiful and funny moments. I don’t know how to write a proper review because I have so many mixed feelings. The Temptation of Adam is such a good book and I highly recommend it!