October 29, 2016

Sugar skull tutorial | Halloween

And the last Halloween tutorial is a sugar skull kinda look. I love sugar skulls and I really wanted to make one. I hope you'll enjoy this make-up tutorial!

Products used:
  • Black and white body paint (mine are in stick form)
  • Maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner in black
  • Essence All Eyes On Me waterproof mascara
  • 2B kajal-khôl cream velvet eyeliner
  • 2B eyeshadow in black
  • Essence lipstick 19 black gossip
  1. The first thing you gotta do is make your face pale. You can do this with foundation or face paint. I used a face paint stick in white and I used my beauty blender to blend everything.
  2. Draw 2 circles around your eyes with an eye pencil. Fill the circles in with black face paint. 
  3. Go over the black face paint with a black eyeshadow to set the paint. 
  4. Draw little circles around the big circles, like you would draw a basic flower, with a black eyeliner.
  5. Fill in the tip of your nose and make the end a little pointy.
  6. Draw a line from the corner of your mouth until the end of your cheekbone. Add 3 small lines in the beginning, so it kinda looks like the line of your teeth. 
  7. Fill your lips with a black lipstick. I overdrew my lips a little, it was not on purpose, but I think it looks good.
  8. Draw two curly lines on your forehead; You can choose what you want to draw. I just drew these lines so my forehead didn't look empty. 
  9. Fill your upper and lower waterline with black (gel) eyeliner.
  10. And the final step is to use some mascara.
And you're finished!

October 22, 2016

Mermaid make-up tutorial | Halloween

Hi guys! The third Halloween look is a mermaid. I've always been in love with mermaids and that's why I'm so excited to do this tutorial!

Products used:
  • Sheer crème eyeshadow by Calvin Klein, in colour: gold velvet tempting glitter (21306) 
  • Monobulle Rose et Mauve eyeshadow
  • Essence longlasting eye pencil °25 Say Hi Light
  • Essence All Eyes On Me waterproof mascara
  • Catrice Highlighter Powder Stardust 010 
  • Max & More eyelashes (set of 3 pairs, the set I also used in the cartoon make-up tutorial)
  1. For the scales on the forehead we're going to use fishnet stockings. You place it over your head and the first product we're going to use is CK eyeshadow. On top we're going to use the Monobulle eyeshadow.
  2. For the scales on your cheeks, you're going to do the same as you did for the forehead: place the fishnet stocking over your cheeks and first use the CK eyeshadow and then the Monobulle eyeshadow.
  3. Use some tape to make a wing with the eyeshadow. First use the CK eyeshadow and then the Monobulle eyeshadow on top. 
  4. Take off the tape and smudge a little eyeshadow on the bottom lash line. First use the CK eyeshadow and then the Monobulle eyeshadow. 
  5. Use on your upper waterline a black eyeliner and on your lower waterline a light eye pencil, to open your eyes.
  6. Put on some eyelashes and some mascara.
  7. Then highlight the places you normally do (nose, cheekbones,…) and go next to the scales to brighten the areas. (I forgot to take a picture of the highlight, so here's the highlighter!)
  8. For lips do the same as the scales and eyes: first apply the CK eyeshadow and on top the Monobulle eyeshadow.
  9. At the end I decided to put eyeshadow on my collarbones too. First the CK eyeshadow and then the Monobulle eyeshadow. (This is not necessary, I just thought it looked good.) 
And you're finished!

October 18, 2016

Essence Midnight Masquerade 2016 Halloween collection | Halloween

If you haven't noticed, I LOVE Halloween! And when I found out Essence had a Halloween collection, I had to buy it!

In this collection you have:
  • 3 eyeshadows
  • 2 duo ombre lipstick
  • False eyelashes
  • Nail & cuticle tattoos
  • 2 in 1 intensifying base & smokey kajal
  • Liquid skin illuminator
  • 4 nail polishes
  • Ornament mask
I didn't buy everything, but I did buy some products of the collection:
  • 2 eyeshadows
  • 2 duo ombre lipstick
  • False eyelashes
  • Nail & cuticle tattoos
  • Liquid skin illuminator
  • Ornament mask 
Now I'm going into detail about the products I bought:
  1. The liquid skin illuminator is called 01 sitting, waiting, witching which I think is just a cute name. I love the glow it gives and I'll definitely wear it on more occasions!
  2. The eyeshadows I bought are the purple and the blue one. The blue one is called 02 spooktacular night and the purple one is called 03 witching you were here. These colours are really pigmented, I just swiped it once. And I love the name of the purple one!
  3. The lipsticks are beautiful too! The lighter shade is called 01 dance till dawn and the darker shade is 02 bloody marry me. I really love both colours because I would not only wear them at Halloween, but also when I'm going to school or a party,...
  4. The false eyelashes are so cool! Unfortunately I already made my Halloween tutorials, but maybe I can use them next year! The eyelashes are called 01 the dark night rises, which I think is so cool because it reminds me of Batman and the eyelashes look like bat wings.
  5. The tattoos are so cute! The tattoos are called 01 party at the haunted house and I can't wait to wear them! I might use them next year for a Halloween tutorial too!
  6. And at last you have the mask, called 01 from mask till dawn. I always wanted to have a mask and when I saw this cute mask, I just had to have it!
I hope you'll love this collection as much as I do!  

October 16, 2016

Doll make-up tutorial | Halloween

This is the second look in my Halloween collection. Because I always thought dolls were kinda creepy, I decided to do a doll make-up tutorial.

Products used:
  • Maybelline mascara
  • Big eyelashes (don't know the brand)
  • Pink blush (don't know the brand)
  • Maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner in black
  • Catrice Ultimate Colour °310
  • Nyx slim lip pencil
  • Nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk-white
  • Nyx hd photogenic concealer wand in medium
  • Nyx love in Paris eyeshadow palette in merci beaucoup
1. Use a light glitter shade for your entire eyelid.
2. Put one some eyeliner close to your eyelashes and on your upper waterline.
3. Use white eyeliner on your lower waterline and smudge it out with a light eyeshadow.
4. Use concealer on your lips.
5. Draw a heart (more or less) with a lip pencil and go over it with a red lipstick.
6. Draw round circles with a pink blush.
7. Put on some big eyelashes.

And you're finished!

October 13, 2016

Forever SE1 | Review

Title: Forever
Created by: Matt Miller
Seasons (watched): 1 season
Rating: ★★★★


Forever is a TV show about Henry Morgan who seems to be a normal man and is a medical examiner for living. But our eyes fool ourselves. Henry Morgan is actually an immortal and helps with his knowledge of all those years he's lived to help the NYPD.

I love supernatural things, so a TV show about an immortal is always interesting for me. To be honest I didn't know this show existed until my mum told me about it, she loves TV shows like that too. 
I really liked watching Forever. I like TV shows about fighting crime and great characters. Henry Morgan is such a witty person and I like the facts he knows and the way he is. And when he gets a new clue in a case, it's always so nice to watch, Henry's always so happy.

I think the ending was really open. At one point, I think the TV show ended really well because they figured out the truth about Abigail but at the same time I think I wanted to know how Jo would've reacted to the truth and how she would've acted knowing who he really was.
I'm also kinda sad that it was the end of Forever. I wouldn't mind another season!

October 11, 2016

Witch potion DIY | Halloween

Hi guys! Because I'm still in the Halloween mood, I decided to make a witch potion drink. It's really easy and you don't need a lot of things. I hope it tastes amazing!

Products used:
  • A normal glass
  • Mint syrup
  • Water
 1. Fill your glass with some mint syrup. Not too much, just a little bottom.
2. Fill the rest of glass with water. 

You're finished!

October 09, 2016

When Magic Sleeps | Review

Title: When Magic Sleeps
Series: Darkly Fae #1
Author: Tera Lynn Childs
Pages: 92 pages
Version: Ebook
Publisher: Fearless Alchemy


When Magic Sleeps tells the story of Winnie and her dark fae prince, Cathair. Winnie has these strange dreams about a prince and she writes them down. One day she sees the owl, who visits her every month, turn into a guy, her prince. How can it be that the prince she dreams of, is now standing in front of her?

When Magic Sleeps is such a good short book! The story is interesting, I love reading books about fae, they're one of my favourite supernatural creatures. Winnie is such a sweet girl and I love that she writes her dreams down. I used to write in a diary, and it reminds me of that. Cathair is our typical prince, handsome looking and charming. I'm glad that When Magic Sleeps ends the way it ends.

I've read a book written by Tera Lynn Childs, Forgive My Fins, and I loved that one too! When Magic Sleeps is fast paced and the characters are amazing!

October 08, 2016

Cartoon character make-up tutorial | Halloween

Because I really love Halloween, I decided to do 4 make-up tutorials, so I can upload one tutorial a week. The first make-up look I created is a comic book character-like look.

Products used:
  • Nyx the Curve Liner
  • Nyx Felt Tip Liner
  • Nyx slim lip pencil
  • 2B kajal-khôl cream velvet eyeliner
  • Essence kajal pencil 04 white
  • Maybelline mascara
  • New Look Pure Colour lipstick
  • Max &More eyelashes
1. Line your entire face with an eyeliner. I used two different liners because sometimes the first one was handy and sometimes the second one.
2. Fill in your eyebrows. Because I don't have eyebrow products (because I normally don't do my eyebrows) I used a black eye pencil.
3. Draw a line on your nose, on the side of your nose and between your eyebrows with an eyeliner.
4. Draw some lines on your ear. I know it looks a little messy, but I'm not that good in lining my ears.
5. Fill in your lips with a red lip pencil and go over the lip liner with a matte red (liquid) lipstick.
7. Draw lines where your collar bones are and lines on your neck.
8. Follow the lines of your lips and make them black and then draw a little line and a dot on your lips in white.
9. Do a winged eyeliner, use false eyelashes and mascara afterwards.
You're finished!