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I would like to receive feedback on my blog. Whether it's about the layout or about the content of reviews,... It doesn't matter what you say, I'd like to hear what you think by sending an email to

I'm open to receiving review copies/products. I've already received some review copies and I think it's an honour. I'm always honest in my reviews. I share my reviews on Goodreads (if it's a book), Twitter, Instagram/Book Instagram and PinterestWould you like me to review your book/product? Contact me via the following email address: It would be amazing if you could send me the details about the book/product as well, such as:
  • Title/Name
  • Author/Brand
  • Synopsis (book)
  • Format & length (book)
  • Deadline
  • Other information you think might be useful.

I'm also open to organising giveaways for a publisher/author/other organisations. I'll also spread the giveaway via Twitter, Instagram/Book Instagram and Pinterest. Interested? Then I would love to receive an email to the following email address:


All the books, make-up products and clothing on my blog or either purchased by me or given by family or friends. If it's not purchased by me, family or friends, then it's stated otherwise.

Book images are from Goodreads
Movie/TV show images are from either Imdb, TV Time or Wikipedia
Make-up product images are from the make-up brand's official website (if they are not taken by me)

Headers are created via Canva with free stock pictures from Canva or Pixabay

Wish list graphics
Book graphic by Freepik from Flaticon 
Lipstick graphic by Freepik from Flaticon 
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Present graphic by Icomoon from Flaticon 

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